The summer season opens an all too brief window of opportunity, a time when we can enjoy the
warmth and beauty of the outdoors.  Much of the time we spend at home and in our backyards
involves leisurely activities with close friends and family.  Beautiful patios, pools, and interesting
walkways leading to secluded sitting areas create wonderful backdrops for gatherings and bringing
people together.  Aménagement Abitibi specialises in creating and designing
an inviting outdoor environment.

Operating since 1997, in and around Val-d'Or.  We specialise in installing brick pavers and
decorative or retaining walls made of prefabricated blocks.

Aménagement Abitibi can easily transform your backyard into a refuge which is not just beautiful,
but usefull.  We also install anything from sod, to plantes or trees.  We can create water bassins or
flower beds and help you enjoy your backyard by building a one of a kind patio.